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Z Yan - The Bossa Princess

Despite her young look and petite frame, this "Malaysia songbird'' harnesses a mature and sensuous voice that is full of body. The Malacca-born lass diligently honed her skills by singing at various Chinese music cafes during the late 90s and eventually released her first Mandopop album in 2007.


Thereafter, Z Yan accepted stints at overseas casinos and hotels. Although she started out as a pop singer, it was there that she discovered her liking for jazz and bossa nova and became the first Chinese singer to sing Bossa Nova in Chinese, earning her the nickname ‘Bossa Princess’. The ‘Brasileiro’ album also made it to the cover of Hong Kong’s Audiophile magazine ‘2011 CD Bible’, an authoritative audiophile album guide listing the 800 All-Time-Best audiophile recordings.


Besides singing, she has also acted in movies, TV dramas, brand ambassador, had a leading role in the 2009 production of ‘Magical Mirror; The Musical’, and actively participates in charity work.


<Romancing Asia> album is making a hit especially in Hong Kong and was nominated and has won 'THE BEST ALBUM' in Malaysia AIM Chinese Music Awards 2020 recently. In addition, the album also made it as "The Top 10 Best Album" in Hong Kong <Headlines> Music Magazine, ranked number 6 in overall, number 1 among all Chinese albums. 


 <Mystique Song>, a modern poetry meets music concept album, is released in Vinyl with CD. It has been streaming on all the global digital platforms since November 2020.


<Romancing Asia> Ultimate Celebration Edition in pink color vinyl and re-issued CD have been released in limited quantities on June 18, 2023.

Z Yan has been invited as one of the speakers at TEDxPetalingStreet 2023. A conference that invites the leading thinkers or doers to speak in 18 minutes in the spirit of ‘ideas worth spreading’. 

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